Noise-exposed Workers

Monitor and protect your hearing health

Woman wearing construction gear and earplugs

According to Statistics Canada (2018), an estimated 22.4 million U.S. workers reported hazardous levels of noise in their workplace (at least 85 dB), while over 11 million Canadians (42%) worked in noisy environments in 2012 and 2013, or had done so in the past*. Those in noise-exposed industries such as construction, manufacturing, and entertainment are subject to persistent sound and are therefore unusually vulnerable to hearing change and permanent loss.

Some are covered by regulations and insurance related to hearing health, but many are not. Hearing loss, which is widespread, is only second to back problems, but only half of employees wear proper hearing protection at work.

Our Proposal

Summus Hearing is interested in re-entering this marketplace by partnering with those who have already established their presence. Screening, consultation, product, and informational technologies can be combined in an attractive package that can be taken into the workplace and/or available to individuals online.

Developing a more effective hearing conservation program often requires a review and re-engineering of present practices. Summus Hearing will consult with your staff towards this end, employing its hearing technologies where appropriate. The result will usually be a more efficient and cost-effective practice.

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