Summus Online Solution

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Hearing Health at your fingertips!

Encouraging more people to understand and manage their hearing health will inevitably involve enabling many to test online. That’s why Summus Hearing is investing heavily in further developing its Guidance process and making it widely available on kiosks in thousands of trusted locations as well elsewhere, particularly at home.

Accessing the Summus Online Solution is as easy as clicking a link as the process is always browsable using any internet connected device. Simple headphones are also sufficient to gain a reliable screening profile. Once that is established, comparisons can be made with previous tests and recommendations made about what practical steps should be followed to preserve or rehabilitate one’s hearing function.

Our Proposal

Ideally, to confront the public health problem that hearing represents, such a baseline profile would be established for everyone over 40 and under 12 years of age.

Reliability and trust are fundamental concerns that users should have. Most e-testing is designed to open the door to a hearing aid sale. While considering a device is appropriate for some with proven permanent hearing losses, the over 100,000 data sets that Summus has accumulated indicate that that option represents only 30% of the cases.

Adding the Summus Online Solution to each kiosk network is important as is making it available via websites and by referencing any promotional materials.

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