Confronting the World's Hearing Problem
We believe that everyone deserves to know their hearing profile by making the most effective and trusted Guidance Process available for understanding and managing Hearing Health.
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Hearing Health Awareness Program
We are committed to increasing awareness and educating individuals about the importance of their hearing health. Our Hearing Health Awareness Program (HHAP) is designed to encourage action.
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The Hearing Health Problem

Untreated hearing loss is one of the largest chronic health problems in our society. As many as 70 million people in Canada and the United States alone are unaware of their hearing wellness and are doing little, if anything, about it. This oversight can impact their well being, and affect family, friends, and associates. It also dampens their world and contributes to cognitive decline as their mental faculties gradually deteriorate.

The industry is finally being disrupted by deregulation, entry of new players, and less expensive products as well as by an increased reliance on the Internet to provide solutions. These forces expand the market significantly, opening new opportunities for creating a better, more consumer-oriented business model.

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The Summus Proposition

Summus Hearing offers an unbiased hearing health guidance system – an intelligent, software-driven process designed to educate and empower individuals about taking control of their hearing status. It’s a unique, comprehensive process that includes effective methodologies, clear guidance and, when requested, dependable advice and solutions. Adding the program to your range of health services is both needed and advantageous.

1 in

in the United States aged 12 years or older have hearing loss in both ears, based on standard hearing examinations¹.

people are projected to have some degree of hearing loss by 2025, and at least 700 million will require hearing rehabilitation².
1 in
aged 20 to 79 had measured hearing loss in at least one ear³.
A Combined
$ 0
is how much untreated hearing loss costs Canadians and Americans annually in employment opportunity and lowered quality of life.

Platforms, Software & Support Services

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Summus Kiosk Solution

The Clinical Version for Partners & Providers

The world’s first tablet-based, AI-enabled hearing health test and guidance platform for use in trusted healthcare settings.

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Summus Online Solution

The Smart Version For Individuals

For use by individuals with an internet-connected device anytime, anywhere to access the browser-based hearing health guidance software. It’s customized for user learning and benefit.

Professional & Business Solutions From Summus Hearing

Summus Hearing offers an end-to-end progression incorporating proven methodologies, easily understandable guidance, and dependable advice and solutions.

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PHARMACIES: Build Your Hearing Health Network

Pharmacies as trusted sources of healthcare are important (and new) providers of hearing health. At least 70% of a typical patient roster will benefit from understanding their hearing status and over 50% will be candidates for consultation and/or products already available in-store or supplied reliably by Summus Hearing’s product fulfilment process.

As additional inventory is not required and set up charges are either modest (should the in-store Summus Kiosk Solution be installed) or negligible (in the case of the Summus Online Solution on the website), significant new revenue streams can be added.

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FAMILY PHYSICIANS: Add Hearing Health for Most of Your Patients

Family doctors are the obvious gatekeepers for hearing health yet most have not traditionally provided such service. Growing awareness of its importance and the advent of telemedicine as a new prerequisite for progressive medical practices is changing that calculus.

Clinics can subscribe for Summus Hearing’s hearing testing protocols via partnered EMR’s or another virtual care portal. The combination of pure tone and speech testing plus access to the patient’s chart is usually a billable service.

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AUDIOLOGISTS & DISPENSERS: Expand Reach Through Telehealth

Hearing clinics located in most communities have traditionally provided the front line for those with permanent hearing loss.

Competing successfully in the emerging hearing marketplace, however, requires that they adapt by expanding their reach to attract new clientele as well as master the dictates of hearing telehealth.

Both the Summus Kiosk Solution and Summus Online Solution are admirably suited for this through direct use and/or by partnering with other hearing health providers, particularly pharmacies and family physicians.

Click here to learn more about our offerings for Audiologists & Dispensers.

OPTICAL STORES & NETWORKS: Extend Your Services to Incorporate Hearing Health

Optical clinics in Europe and elsewhere often provide a hearing health service in addition to their core vision offering. Our experimentation in North America indicates that hearing can become a profitable addition to the base business. The relationship between vision and hearing issues is close. A combined approach benefits patients by taking advantage of that connection.

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DIGITAL HEALTH PROVIDERS: Expand your Offerings by Including Hearing Health Services

Personalized health services are becoming commonplace via the internet. Telehealth for screening, connecting users and professionals and providing information services is offered by a growing number of large multinationals as well as smaller specialised organizations. Health tech is coming of age. Yet few to date, if any, are providing a hearing health service, an obvious option for most of their users.

Summus Hearing offers an attractive package that can be added to an existing portfolio.

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NOISE-EXPOSED WORKERS: Monitor and Protect Your Hearing Health

Those in the music business are subject to persistent sound and are therefore unusually vulnerable to hearing change and permanent loss.

Using Summus Hearing’s innovative hearing test product to monitor one’s hearing status is an effective and inexpensive method to preserve or help rehabilitate hearing function.

A share of each subscription fee is also donated to a well-known charity established to promote hearing health in the music business. Therein lies a double win!

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