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Adding a comprehensive hearing health program by partnering with Summus Hearing represents one of the best new revenue producing opportunities you can adopt.

  • It provides a needed service relevant for the majority of your clientele.
  • Many will experiment with it, opening an opportunity to intensify relationships with individuals and families.
  • Stimulating hearing health understanding and guidance often leads to users seeking professional coaching and buying the products the program offers.
  • The intelligent software, supported by the Hearing Health Awareness Program, carries the load. Some initial training is provided but there is little need to add to or distract your staff.
  • Likewise, there is little need for inventory as product demand can be fulfilled remotely.

Both the in-location Summus Kiosk Solution and virtual Summus Online Solution offer users excellent advice regarding their hearing health. Tests are undertaken, hearing triage is applied and the best next steps are indicated. Margins are gained from products and services offered when hearing issues arise warranting a particular solution. As many are reluctant to act when a situation is first evident, prompting can be used to encourage engagement.

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