The Hearing Health Awareness Program

The Hearing Health Awareness Program (HHAP for short) is designed to supplement and support your hearing health initiatives. It focuses on the rise of untreated hearing health problems, likely the largest cohort of people in Canada and the United States with a chronic health condition. Estimates range to over 70 million. In addition to children, many of those are individuals 40 years and over who have mild or moderate losses. The pattern of hearing change can often be recognized even when their hearing is still within the normal range and can possibly be prevented from further decline.

Many health-oriented organizations are well positioned to serve as gatekeepers for identifying a person’s hearing status yet invariably lack the knowhow or interpreted hearing test required to fulfill that role effectively. If that seems relevant , HHAP will engage you by presenting a comprehensive hearing health program that addresses the needs of your clientele – particularly those thousands who are currently undetected or treated – that is easy to administer as well as financially rewarding. It provides the technology and guidance required to add hearing health care services to your current offering thus enabling you to recommend preventative and rehabilitative strategies for your clients to follow. High margin services and products are also available for sale.

The HHAP is delivered via an online portal customized for your use. It is comprehensive, providing the following information and services:

  • Setup – positioning and maintaining the Summus Kiosk and Summus Online platforms
  • Orientation & Training – what the Program is for and how it works
  • Roles – responsibilities of key staff, Summus tech and admin, others
  • Marketing – how best to employ accumulated know-how and materials
  • Products & Services – what they are, when they are relevant and how they are accessed and acquired
  • Contact – who and how to contact when questions arise

An Untreated Problem

Untreated hearing loss is the largest chronic health problem in our society. Up to 70 million people are affected in the United States and Canada alone. Most are unaware and are left behind by the industry. Ignoring or delaying detection and treatment usually leads to safety and lifestyle concerns and, in the extreme, to serious medical issues, particularly cognitive decline.

The industry is finally being disrupted by deregulation, entry of new players and less expensive products as well as an increased reliance on the Internet to provide solutions. These forces expand the market significantly and open opportunities for creating a better, more consumer-oriented business model.

Man holding hand to ear with circles radiating from it