Summus Kiosk Solution

The in-location Hearing Guidance Kiosk from Summus Hearing

Become a leader in Community Hearing Health and add new revenues by adopting the Summus Kiosk Solution. Many of your clientele will be attracted to use it!

The solution uses embedded artificial intelligence and pattern recognition software to classify the audiogram by both pattern and level. This makes hearing triage possible by sorting results into Normal, Conductive (likely treatable), or Sensorineural (usually permanent) categories.

The software enables users to test themselves via a touch screen tablet – Microsoft, Android, or Apple. It files by user age, gender, and test findings, emails the results, and is web-enabled allowing business decisions to be based on stored data sets. It also provides you as a kiosk host with control over branding, including the eyes-on marketing messages that scroll on the screen.

By automating hearing assessments and introducing hearing triage, the software extends the reach of patient/client awareness and prompts for effective follow-up action about what next steps should be followed. A comprehensive range of educational materials about hearing and hearing loss is also provided. This support is available for single applications as well as a fully integrated networks of systems.

Use of this Summus Kiosk solution is expanding rapidly now that deregulation is impacting the hearing health marketplace. Trusted locations such as doctors’ offices, pharmacies, as well as major consumer retail and other high traffic areas are adding its guidance capabilities as an essential and profitable service.

A young girl testing her hearing at an Ultimate Kiosk
An Ultimate Kiosk next to a desk

Software as a Service

The Summus Kiosk Solution’s Hearing Health Screening Software is the only fully computerized audiometric technician capable of classifying audiograms using pattern and level recognition. By automating hearing assessments and introducing hearing triage, the software extends the reach of the user’s awareness, and prompts for effective follow-up action while reducing the need for professional involvement. Each year, thousands of people learn about their hearing profile by using Summus Hearing screening software and various services. Take a further look at our available services below.

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“With an Ultimate Kiosk Hearing Screening Solution we have seen a positive increase in the number of qualified appointments come through our clinic. This unit is a great addition to our marketing vehicles and potential patients seem very interested to try it.”

Michael Ioannidis, Hearing Solutions