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We offer two versions of smart software for our hearing health guidance process. Both provide the same screen flow and can be fully branded and customized for effective messaging and marketing.

Summus Kiosk Solution

Summus Kiosk Solutionused for on-premise applications it is “hardware agnostic” – i.e., it can be operated on a Microsoft, Android or Apple tablet or computer.

The MS (WIN 8, 10 or 11) Kiosk version is installed on a Windows-based tablet or computer. Once connected to the internet, all tests, reports, and prompts completed offline will be synchronized with the relevant files in the portal data base to accompany those performed while connected.

The Android and iOS versions (as well as Windows one) are available by browser – using Google Chrome is recommended. An HTML link, username and password is provided for software installation. This version of the kiosk provides the same screen flow, branding and other customization that is available on the MS version.

This multi-platform capability makes on-premise hardware decisions easy as customers can opt to use their preferred platform.

Summus Online Solution

Summus Online Solution – The HTML link can be embedded into a customer’s web pages for use by its clients or patients. The test flow and functionality are identical to the Summus Kiosk Solution flow. Once a test is completed and interpreted, the user information is returned to the customer’s website as well as emailed to the user. All tests, interpretations, and client data are saved in the portal data base and available to the customer for analysis and follow-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Summus Hearing’s Solutions acquired?

Both Summus Kiosk Solution and Summus Online Solution Use of the Platforms is facilitated by annual license – a straight forward agreement covering ownership, software support, expected use and license fee. It is renewed annually unless the user/licensee decides not to. Many find the Hearing Health Awareness Program (HHAP) to be a helpful addition to their deployment and marketing efforts.

Which platforms will Summus Hearing’s solutions operate on?

Summus Kiosk Solution applications are platform agnostic – i.e. they operate on any of Microsoft (WIN 8, 10,11), Android or Apple iOS tablets and computers. Hardware decisions often reflect the customers preferred operating system.

Access to Summus Online Solution is achieved by browsing, Google Chrome being the preferred medium. Tests are done at home or elsewhere using a simple headset and an available internet-connected computer, tablet or smart phone.  The results and report are sent to the user and stored in the user’s file on the secure portal along with any previous tests generated at a Summus Kiosk Solution location or elsewhere.

What sort of reports are generated?

Each test results in the creation of an excel-style file that records the pure tone results, the resulting classification and a confidence coefficient estimating the reliability of the classification. The user receives a medical grade report including the audiograms and comments about what action or next steps are warranted.

Are the test results that are produced interpreted?

Yes, using a sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm which takes account of both the level and pattern of the audiograms thus serving as a competent “audiological assistant”. Users are classified into one of the standard audiological categories of Normal, Conductive, Sensorineural or Mixed with the caveats that typically accompany a screening test. This Hearing Triage is a key aspect of the testing-interpretation engine.

How accurate is the testing?

A large test sample accompanied by professionally rendered interpretations were processed by the learning system used for developing the classification “smarts”. For a complete description of that process, see Navigating the Road Ahead, Part 4: What about “Hearing Triage”?

Ambiguities will exist, of course, whether testing is undertaken professionally or by the Summus Hearing engine. Each result is therefore assigned a confidence coefficient – i.e., an estimate of the reliability of the interpretation of the test results. Coefficients greater than 0.75 indicate higher reliability.  Those below 0.4. are much less so.

Can Summus Hearing’s solutions be customized to match our branding & marketing materials?

Yes, as the system has been designed with this in mind. While the hearing test results and classifications interpretations are hard coated, there are several locations for logos, coupons and other forms of advertising and messaging. Another feature is the capability for prompting users about follow-up testing as well as providing further messaging about what actions, counselling and/or product purchase decisions are warranted.

How does Summus Hearing tackle data security and privacy?

Data security is assured as Summus Hearing relies on AWS cloud services and is thus bounded within a notably secure global infrastructure. All data flowing across the Summus Hearing website and cloud network is automatically encrypted. In the process, it complies with privacy requirements of the medical field since Summus Hearing is part of AWS Health.

Summus Hearing’s privacy policy is contained in its Privacy Statement here.

How are Summus Hearing’s solutions priced?

Pricing for licensed platform use and various services is designed to be cost effective and can be discounted for volume use. For a full description, simply return the attached Expression of Interest.

Is the Summus Kiosk Solution FDA Approved?

The Summus Kiosk Solution technology is considered to be a Type 2 Medical Device (not high risk) and, after review and evaluation by the FDA, gained 510K premarket clearance to be sold in the United States. It, along with Summus Hearing Solutions as the related medical device establishment, are registered annually with the FDA and maintained in its data base. This recognition by the FDA is the standard widely adopted internationally.

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